Saturday, October 29, 2011

Stone Piles In The Forest

A Stone Or Rock Pile

I have been reading some other blogs recently about the "stone piles" that are on various areas of the state forest. We were fortunate to have a couple here. I can't tell you much about them. Various reasons they were built are mentioned in discussions about them. I guess I don't really care why they were built. I just like them. For whatever reason they were built, they remain.

The Other One

The two we have here are pretty close together. Since it has been so wet here, we seem to have a lot of that green moss all over the rocks. I have seen stone piles in the state forest and some spots around here, that are not like our piles at all. So maybe different styles, represent different reasons for them being built. I know our house was built in 1850, so not sure if the stone piles were already here or not.

Walking through the forest...........

We also have old foundations in our area, as this was once a populated community. Old roads have gone into disuse. My husband and our dog have hiked all through these woods around us. He has ridden his horse in areas that knew better days. Old farms that have been gone for a very long time. The only signs besides the crumbling foundations, are the old lilacs and roses, still budding each year. 

Not far from each other

Researching the history of our area has proved to be one of my favorite hobbies. I love trying to find the history of my home and the area around us. There are signs of a civilization that has since disappeared. Discovering the old watering troughs along these state forest roads, has been a source of enjoyment too. One is not far from us, in fact walking distance. Nobody even sees them or knows they are there, I think.

Rocks are various sizes

Most of the farms in our area, have sold their stone fences. It is a shame when they do that. I love the look of them. And the history! The men who toiled in the fields building those fences. I wonder about those men. Like the man who built my house. I think about him often and wonder about his life. He was a part of this community that is all gone now. Our house being the only one left. How does one house out of a whole community survive, and the others have all disappeared?  


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