Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Plants Showing Progress

Hobo supervising garden work!

We had some really hot days, then the weather turned rainy and cool. As I write this today, I am freezing. I do not want to start up our wood stove, so I just dress warmer. I started my garden, then was waiting for the plants to come up. Then it got so cool, I was thinking yesterday, that they probably won't come up. Surprise! Surprise! This morning they were showing their sleepy little heads!

Heirloom bush beans!

I am pretty far behind on starting seeds this year and having my raised beds ready to plant. Even if it is too cold to plant, usually my beds are ready to go by this time. Not this year! I am at the point in my life now where things are hurting and I have to put myself first. I will get the garden planted but I have time. Especially since it so cool. My son helped me out this morning by weeding my largest raised bed. That was a big help to me!

Heirloom cucumber seedlings coming along nicely! 

My cucumber plants I started in the house and they can't go in the ground till I am sure it will be warm enough for them. I figured this way I will have a head start once I can put them in the ground. Most people do not start them in the house first, but if you have a short growing season it really makes sense to do it this way.


The peas I planted way back when I thought I'd start a cool weather garden. Well, the peas were the only ones who stuck around long enough out of those plants. The weather went from cool to freezing, to hot and now back to cool. There is only a handful of these plants but we can get some meals out of them. Were you able to get some of your plants started in the ground in your location?

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