Thursday, May 31, 2012

Another Order From Charge Back Scammer

Remember I recently wrote this post about the scoundrel who did a charge back on my website, String Baby? He accomplished the scam of stealing from my website in the US, all the way from the city of  Perak in Malaysia. His credit card company assists him in stealing from online sellers by doing charge backs. If this was not the case, he'd be in jail. Would he not? How can a credit card company such as Visa not see the trend in these buyers doing charge backs within a month or two of every online transaction they do?

American Express allows their customers to do charge backs for items they purchase and sellers are not allowed to challenge it. Nice perk from American Express! We no longer will accept a payment from American Express cardholders either.

Now being a blogger and networking world wide, I find this fact of international citizens doing crimes a real shame. I have met many bloggers from Malaysia on a site I belong to called Bloggers. I am disappointed to have to be on edge over these people. If it was up to me, I would not be selling to anyone in a foreign country so I could avoid this situation. 

"Attract Overseas Buyers
Going global? It's easier with our international selling guide."
From Paypal's front page today!

Paypal encourages you to accept international sales, then turns around and on the transaction page tells you that their seller's protection page will NOT protect YOU in case of a problem. Paypal tells you that it is the cost of doing business, meaning the charge backs are to be expected. If you are a buyer, well then you can do all the charge backs you desire. Hopefully, Paypal will be history for me soon!

Well this encik badrul placed another order yesterday! So it makes 3 orders he has placed. One is already in charge back status. One he has not done yet and now this new one. Paypal accepted this new order even though it should have been flagged in some way. I issued a refund this morning.

If you receive an order from this man, woman, child or whatever.........................

encik badrul
no 84, jalan bilis, taman lela 2b
taiping, 34600
perak, Malaysia

don't accept it!  Refund the payment immediately. Otherwise, Paypal will charge you a $20. fee for their time of processing this charge back, even though.............they are the ones accepting the payment. Time to look for alternatives.........

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Sandy Keith said...

I have had so much trouble with Paypal that I haven't used it in years. There are times when I believe they are just plain unscrupulous.

Mary Bennett said...

what a shame!!

Beauty To Love said...

Hi Kathleen. I just wanted to THANK YOU for your wonderful post. I had this SAME PERSON order from my Online Store a few days ago.

I thought it was a suspicious transaction because it was a big order with Express Shipping. After reading your Blog, my thoughts were confirmed. I cancelled his transaction and refunded his money.
Thanks for posting about this person. I think you have saved lots of people money and the hassle of a chargeback. I know I appreciate it!
Just to let you know, he used a different street address in Malaysia, on my Order. I'm sure he uses multiple addresses for his scamming. I've listed the address he used for my Order below, so your readers can be aware of the other mailing addresses he is using.

Encik Badrul
No 25, Psn Iskandar Perdana 58
Taman Seri Iskandar
Seri Iskandar, Perak, 32610, MY

Thanks again for your post! You've really helped a lot of people by making us aware of this person. Take care! :)

katlupe said...

Beauty To Love, I am glad that I saved your from the chargeback. It really hurts a small seller, though I am sure large sellers feel it too. Especially if they get a lot of them. The credit card companies, like American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discovery are the ones to blame for allowing this. I am mad at them more than Paypal. Paypal though should be the one out the money since they took the transaction to begin with. But we know, Paypal will not stick their neck out and walk the neutral line all the way.

Cam said...

Have you considered using a fraud screening service? The idea is that you screen the order based on the order details and then only submit the order for payment.

If you have at most 500 orders per month, you can just try the free Micro plan from which should have helped in your case.

Ana Blake said...


We also had an order from this person. We noticed he tried 3 different credit cards that failed before one went through. We immediately canceled his order and voided the payment authorization. As far as PayPal is concerned, we ceased using them due to the high amount of fraudulent orders placed through them. The public (scammers) have become familiar with the PayPal policies of the customer always wins and they are taking advantage of it. In such, we only accept payment now through Authorize.Net and use their fraud screening program. If you cannot afford to use a program like this, screening orders over a certain amount or from certain areas also helps. Mexico, Nigeria and Malaysia have high fraud rates. Multiple failed order attempts with different credit cards is also a red flag.

There is also a forum,, that posts fraud attempts at other businesses.

I hope you find some of this helpful. Good luck in your business.

Kind Regards,

Ana Blake