Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Hazel and Michael Dran

In honor of Mother's Day today, I am putting up some photos of my wonderful mother, whom I miss every day of my life. She used to say to me that death is so final. So true! In my family many times Mother's Day would fall on my father's birthday too. So we'd have a double celebration. This year it is on the same day once again. It is my my father's 93 Birthday and he is still the most special man that I have ever known. It is the 9th Mother's Day without my mother.

Daddy and Mom

My parents were married for seven and a half years before they had children. My mother and father were pretty well set by the time the had my brother in 1950. They were in their second house which they paid cash for. We lived on State Road in Binghamton, NY, which is a rural area of Broome County. Later they moved to other homes and eventually to Florida and back. I used to wish they stayed put in one place. But I would have missed out on so many life experiences along the way!

Mickey and me

They loved each other so much and it was always apparent. I always remember them hugging and kissing in the kitchen after they got home from work and Mom was making supper. No matter what they always came first with each other. Even with us kids, they still came first with each other. My brother and I had a wonderful childhood, and we did so many things together as a family. I never saw them fight or argue in 60 years of marriage. I know some people will say that I just did not see it. But either of  my parents would have told you the same thing.

Our first house on State Road

Looking back, all I can say is that life was good. And I was very fortunate.

Happy Birthday to My Wonderful Daddy!

Happy Mother's Day to My Wonderful Mother In Heaven And Who I Miss Daily!

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