Saturday, May 05, 2012

Modern Homesteading Is Our Future

Modern homesteading is not really like the old homesteading methods of doing things. Many people on homesteading forums or in the magazines will comment on the fact that you are on a computer so you can't be a homesteader. That is not true. In fact, you can do whatever you choose to do. No rules! Besides now is the best time to homestead using modern technology to make things easier than before. Using solar panels to live off-the-grid is modern technology. So is using a pitcher pump to bring water up your well. Maybe it is not the newest form of technology but it was in its day.

The best modern tool of all is the computer for modern homesteaders. Using it to a get help or learn how to do something. I cannot tell you how much the computer has helped us. My husband has used it to learn about the alternative energy system and how to set up various parts of the system. I use it for recipes, various methods of canning foods, how to best use our old fashion root cellar, etc. So much information out there! And then all the friends I have made online and the forums I belong to. I'd be lost without it!

The most important element in modern homesteading is to raise your own food in a garden. Anyone, anywhere can grow a garden. Even a small one will give you food. A couple raised beds in your yard, a few containers on the deck or porch and you are off to a good start. A barrel for potatoes would be a nice addition. Growing your own food will certainly help your food budget, and put you on the road to self-sufficiency!

Seeds aren't very expensive either. Buy a few packets of heirloom seeds and then you can save your seeds for next year's gardens. Save some every year. Trade with others. You can see how important this is to do if you start researching Monsanto. Then you will know this the way of the future and the future of your family. In this post, my friend, Annie, shows how to start your seeds. Take a look and get started. That is all it takes. One little step at a time. Instead of wishing you could do this, do whatever will take you toward that goal. Now go buy some heirloom survival seeds and plant them!

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Sue said...

This year we are planting tomatoes (large and grape)and green peppers. The taste of home grown vegetables cannot be matched by any store bought!! Farm stands are great, but they charge so much more than even the store. So, I like your post about growing your own food.

The Redhead Riter said...

I love your solar panels. They look like freedom!