Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Five Homesteading Skills That Can Save Your Life

Start gardening!

1. Gardening - number one thing is that we need food to live. Learn to garden and you will have food. Start small and you can increase your garden as your knowledge and ability increases.

Canning is a life saver!

2. Canning - Learn to can your garden produce. If there is an emergency and there is limited electric power or none, your food will be safely in your pantry in the jars you canned it in. Fast meals, needing just to be heated up or added to other foods for a casserole or soup.

Buy pet food several cans at a time to build a supply.

3. Prepping - Prepping is not a bad thing to fact, it is the ONLY thing to do. Prepare now in case you need those supplies or food you have stocked up. Do it a little bit at a time until you have a couple years worth.

Know how to repair or set up things yourself!

4. DIY (Do It Yourself) - Learn to fix or make things. Start making cleaning supplies, personal care items (like shampoo) and other items that you buy regularly. Learn to repair your vehicles, household items, shoes, etc. You never know when there will be nobody to call or no money to pay someone to fix things for you. LEARN NOW!

Use the wild plants around you! Burdock here.

5. Herbal and Alternative Medicine - I know what you are going to say! But these medicines were here long before allopathic medicines and professionals. Learn what some of them are and then discover which ones grow around your home. Prepare before you need to!

Knowledge will take you a long way! Don't be helpless!

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