Friday, January 04, 2013

Finding A Windmill

On his way up..........

The house we rented before we moved here to Peaceful Forest was a beautiful place to live. The landlord lived right on the same property and they were a nice couple with four little girls. I babysat the little girls in exchange for taking money off our rent. It was a nice set up. On this property was this windmill that originally was used with the pond. It kept the water moving so it never became dirty and green.

He made it to the top!

Of course, my husband had to climb to the top and fix whatever was wrong with it to get it working again and he did. This property had hundreds of acres of land and it was incredible. At times, I have certainly regretted moving from there. But it was a rental and we wanted our own property.

And the beautiful pond on our rental property!

Now I have been looking for a different piece of property and I would really like to find one that had a pond this beautiful. Ponds are not that unusual on a piece of land in New York. Water is plentiful here and having   pond or a creek would be ideal. Our area has become pretty busy and not at all what we envisioned. So we are looking only at this point, and not making a definite plan at this point yet. 

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Trucker Mom said...

That looks so peaceful and serine, what a wonderful place to live.