Sunday, July 14, 2013

So Many Projects - Not Enough Time

We are hitting many of our goals this year. It is a summer of work! My husband is working hard on putting up our wind turbine. Actually, the turbine is the easy part. It is the turbine tower that is hard. Lots of hard work and sweat has gone into that. He will have it easy to use and easy to bring down if it needs a repair. Getting this project finished means that soon we will have running water. Running water means I can use my brand new, never used, washing machine. Now that will be a nice thing to have!

Running water for us, will be just cold water for the time being. If the wind turbine and solar panels bring in more power than we need though, the charge controller will divert the power to the water heater. Then we will have hot water! It is a good start for us. Truth be told, I could live with the system that way. Heating the water most of the time on the wood stove is no big deal in the fall and winter.

It has been very hot and humid here this year, but we are getting through it okay. I have been busy rewriting my eBooks and working on my kitchen and pantry. As I cross projects off my "to do" list, I get excited. How about you? Are you getting a lot of projects done this summer? This is a homesteader's working time. My hard working husband has been working constantly. He will be proud of it once it is all done. So will I!


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