Saturday, July 20, 2013

First Crop From The Garden Is Canned!

Fresh out of the canner!

Spending time in my garden means we will have food on the shelves. Last night I canned my first crop of green beans. It was very hot and humid picking them yesterday. I had to keep getting more water. I keep my water bottle nearby at all times. I also kept a pail of cold water from the well, so I could wet an old tee shirt every now and then and put it on my head. Yes, I looked strange with a wet tee shirt on my head, but it worked!

Ready to pick!

I know it is not the same for everyone, as it is for me. I do not have to go every day to a job. I work from home and that gives me the opportunity to work in my garden daily. I didn't always do that, but back then I didn't have as good of a garden either. Every year, we have made more and more progress on our little homestead here in the forest. Soon that progress will include a wind turbine up and running, which will enable us to have running water, use a washing machine and best of all, a refrigerator! Which we ordered yesterday! Can't wait!

Summer Squash

My garden looks good, but it is not as good as it looks. My squash seems to have blossom rot and my two lettuce beds bolted as soon as it got hot and humid. I will replant the lettuce. The squash, well not much I can do about that. That is gardening! Some years are more plentiful than others.

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* Crystal * said...

Rock that wet tshirt head dress! Anything that keeps ya cool in this awful heat is perfectly acceptable and fashionable :)