Monday, April 01, 2013

Facebook Issues

Hobo keeping a look-out!

Do you ever just get tired of people on Facebook who are always judging you? Always making comments on your posts because they don't agree with it, but have to put their two cents on your page? Why don't they just mind their own business or post their view on their own page and leave mine alone?

Facebook is a huge network of people from all over the whole world. I am friends with more people there than I have ever met in person. For the most part, I enjoy my friends there. Especially my homesteading friends from Homesteading Today! And of course, my special blogging friends (and they know who they are!).

Seeing as we are all different, having been raised in different areas and have our own views on various subjects, that means we are not going to all agree on everything, all the time. So what is the sense of being friends with people who are not like yourself? Maybe it is to learn about others? Learn about their views and why they feel that way about an issue. That is what makes traveling to other countries interesting. To see what others do and how they live and maybe even what they think. It doesn't mean you have to change your views.

Or do you have a closed mind? One that sees only your way and no other? Or maybe you are a follower and just get in line to whatever is the supposedly "right" side of an issue? I'd say there are many oppressed people on Facebook. They get the wrong idea if someone makes a comment they don't understand. Many just want a chance to start an argument. Many people talk about issues that they support, and may not be doing.

I have to laugh at a Facebook friend who deleted me last night. All because my husband used the term "puff" in his comment, about a photo and statement about Monsanto on my timeline. She declared us drug users on my timeline! Big time slander on my reputation! I did not appreciate that at all! Especially since I do NOT smoke anything (or drink either for that matter) and probably take less drugs than she does. The reason it made me laugh, is that he said it in jest. He is not a drug user and does not even use aspirin! But maybe if pot becomes legal in my state, then she would all of a sudden say, "Oh, its not a drug after all." Or will she stick to her guns as she guzzles her beer and smokes her cigarettes? Which I feel is a much worse "DRUG." My husband doesn't do either!

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