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The Wind Farm In Madison County

Wind Farm In Madison County, NY

Today my husband and I went on a road trip. Drove up through Hamilton, NY, after we had breakfast in Norwich. I have always wanted to find the famous wind farm out past Sherburne, NY, but wasn't sure exactly how to find it. Then all of a sudden, we saw them! Or at least we saw one of the turbines. As we got closer, we saw more than one. Then we saw even more! As you looked at these, way out across the area on the other side was two or three more wind farms. They dotted the whole area! Beautiful!

They are BIG!

We stopped along the side of the road so I could take some pictures. Since we are in the process of installing our own wind turbine, which is no where near this size, my husband was getting excited about seeing these babies up close. So on we drove, hoping to get a closer view. We got up as close as we could and I took pictures like crazy. They are silent and move slow. Today these turbines were not moving. The other ones on the other wind farms were moving. Slowly, silently.

Wind turbines all in a row!

We located the farm where they now reside. And this was as close as we could get. What is pretty awesome, is that the wind turbines are beautiful to look at, as well as provide power to a lot of homes and businesses. And maybe even the nearby Colgate University in Hamilton, NY. I'd be proud to have this farm in my backyard! I loved it that my husband and I shared the excitement of this adventure, finding this wind farm in the middle of a farm area, among tractors, barns and hay wagons.

Generating power slowly!

Now before anyone makes a comment about the wind turbines killing all those birds.........first and foremost, I AM a bird lover myself, some reading on the subject yourself BEFORE you make a judgement. Read; Common Eco-Myth: Wind Turbines Kill Birds or Do Wind Turbines Kill Birds? What I have learned is that my own 3 cats are more a hazard to the birds than the wind turbine will ever be. I can't tell you how many birds have flown right into my glass sliding doors and one bird death we had here was when a dove slammed into the side of our house. Not just cats, but cars, as well as airplanes and pesticides kill more of them than a turbine. So don't go blaming the wind turbines for killing the wild birds unless you are willing to give up cats as pets (the biggest killer of birds), motor vehicles or airline trips. They are much worse by major statistics.

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