Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Energy is High on Low Carb Food Plans

My breakfast this morning!

I have been on my low carb food plan for 11 days now. Needless to say, I feel great. My energy is high. If someone tells you low carbs means low energy, they are dead wrong! Don't listen to them! Listen to your own body! I notice by being on a low carb Face Book page, there are many low carb haters, who for some reason, join these communities on Face Book. Most people ignore them and don't say anything back, and that is best. The bad thing though, is for new low carbers to become confused.

All I know for sure, is none of the other low carb diets do what Dr. Atkins' low carb plan does for me. I cannot eat the processed foods, the grains, the sugar and other sweeteners, along with rice, potatoes and corn. None of those foods are good for my body. So no matter what someone writes on a low carb page, I am not going to pay attention to that person. Never!

Read Dr. Atkins' books. He explains in detail how a low carb food plan will help you. Another topic I have seen brought up, is the processed, Atkins' food products. Those products are not designed by him any longer. After he passed away his company of products was sold to other companies. In 2010, it was sold to Roark Capital Group, who owns a variety of different companies. So they are not focused on the food so much, as making it profitable. I have never bought the shakes and bars myself. I cook from scratch of course, and that is the best part of eating low carbs!

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