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Low Carb Breakfasts Can Be Whatever You Desire

One aspect of low carb eating that I really like is that I can eat bacon, ham or sausage with my morning eggs. Do I miss toast? Not at all! I'd rather have more bacon or cheese on my eggs. Omelets are easy and you can add whatever you want to them. Peppers, onions, mushrooms, celery, etc. It makes it easy when you go out to a restaurant. Just be sure to have them hold the toast and potatoes!

One of my readers asked for some ideas of low carb breakfasts that do not consist of bacon and eggs. I know for myself, I get tired of scrambled eggs every morning. In fact, I don't usually eat them that way. At the present time, I am detoxing myself from Candida, so my food choices are limited. No bacon, sausage or ham. No cheddar or Swiss cheese either, which are my favorites.

The one thing I want to mention is that I used sugar-free syrup previously on my low carb food plan. Now I am trying to limit myself to using Stevia, and maybe a bit of Erythritol, though I am still experimenting with it. It doesn't seem to effect me in any way. The other sweetener I have on hand, but haven't used yet is Xylitol. Some of my recipes include Splenda, as the sweetener, but I won't be using that. It is up to you which you choose.

When I began this post, I thought I had photos of my low carb meals in my computer, but no. I will be taking pictures of all the food I make from now on, so I can share it. Some of the foods I eat for breakfast are not breakfast foods at all. I eat leftovers quite a lot for breakfast. Here are some other breakfast ideas that I make:

Omelets with cheese, bacon, sausage, ham, onions, peppers, celery, mushrooms, etc. - you can make an omelet with just about anything, even cream cheese!

The One-Minute Muffin or one of the variations of it, which there are thousands of ways to eat this thing.

The Mock Danish is absolutely my favorite. I love it! This can be varied also.

Chicken, turkey, ham or salmon salad - I keep at least one of these in my refrigerator for snacks or breakfast.

Deviled Eggs - Yes, I know it is another egg dish, but you can vary these too. Check out Dana Carpender's books and see how she makes deviled eggs seem new.

Low Carb Cereals are common too, though I have never tried any of them. They are basically made with almond meal, flax seed meal and sweeteners and added nuts or seeds or berries, of some sort.

Smoothies - I use organic yogurt or cream. Add some berries, sweetener and almond meal or flax seed or coconut and maybe some type of flavoring extracts.

Cream Cheese Pancakes - Click for the recipe on the "I Breathe, I'm Hungry" blog. They sound really good and the ingredients are so simple: cream cheese, 2 eggs, sweetener and cinnamon.

Once you start exploring the world of low carb food on Pinterest, you will be making breakfasts that are out of this world. I love trying new ideas and experimenting! I like to make the recipe for my taste, so that means I will eat it more often. I will be posting more low carb recipes and photos in the near future.

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