Thursday, June 21, 2018

My New Life In The City

My windows have the colorful curtains on the 2nd floor!

I moved to a small city over a month ago and I found it was not that big of an adjustment moving from an off-the-grid homestead in the middle of the state forest, to moving to the center of a small city in an apartment building. I thought it would be. Not at all. In fact, I have found it easy and very satisfying to me. Maybe I was never meant to live in the country to begin with. I know my mother always said she really wanted to live in the city, but she knew my father was not a city person and he would have been miserable. So we lived in the country most of the time I was growing up. I have found that I don't really miss the country at all. Instead I look around like a kid in a candy shop. So much to see and do!

The building next to mine!

For one thing I saw more cars going by my house at Peaceful Forest than I do here in my apartment. My windows are not facing a street. I can see the parking lot of the stores along the main street. Directly behind my apartment building and where my windows face is the lawn and another big brick building that is a gymnasium of some sort. It doesn't have much activity that I can see. At least nobody lives in it so it is still pretty much private. You would think a building in your view would be distasteful. Well, not at all. The roof of that building seems to be the landing pad for many city birds. Crows are pretty vocal out there in the morning. I enjoy their sound so it is not distracting to me. I heard them at Peaceful Forest too.

Beyond the parking lot is the green forest and hills.

In the distance, I can see the forests and greenery that surrounds us here. New York is mainly hills, mountains, forests that are thick with trees and bodies of water, ponds, creeks, lakes and rivers. We usually have plenty of rain too, so water is abundant. I can see the sun coming up to the side of that brick building, so it is not blocking my view of the sky at all. I cannot see the sun going down, but I am a morning person, so between the two, give me an eastern view.  I enjoy sitting here at my computer or in my rocking chair having coffee and just seeing the view outside my windows. I try to find positives in everything I do or places I go.

All within walking distance for me!

Having lived in a rural area, if I needed anything from the store, I always had to drive or have my husband drive to the store. I could not drive the truck he had, so I only went with him, not on my own. Now I can just walk out my door and down the street. There are shops along both sides, though there are a number of them that are empty and some that are closing even now. On that street also is a small movie theater that I look forward to going to sometime in the future, before it goes out of business too. The library is across the street from my building and not far from that is the county office building that has the motor vehicle department and other offices in it. I haven't really gone off down the street yet, but hope to do so soon. I am still in the moving process bringing things from Peaceful Forest. Soon I will know my way around pretty good!

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