Friday, June 22, 2018

Sticking To My Ketogenic Food Plan

My small kitchen, which I love!

Sticking to my Ketogenic food plan (I never refer to it as a diet) was very hard before I moved here to my new studio (apartment). I believe living with other people, at that time, my husband, Larry and my adult son, Jeff, prevented me from following it without straying. Then there were the times we had no extra money to pay for more expensive ingredients or foods that are organic or low carbs. If I was buying it just for me, it was wasteful, since they needed to eat also. Now living alone, I buy just for me and my organic ingredients are being used to make foods I eat. If none of my grocery budget goes for processed foods, it covers all the foods I need to buy.

Cooking hamburger!

I don't mean to imply that I eat organic food all the time. I try to get some, at least as far as my produce goes. It is suggested to try to get at least 50% of your food to be organic, starting with meat and dairy, if possible. The reason being is that meat and dairy comes from animals who are given hormones and that is the worst substance in those foods in relation to our health. I would if I could afford it, but it seems the organic meat is the most expensive, of course. Do not mistake natural as organic. Just because the animal is raised in natural surroundings, it does not mean it is organic and that really depends on what the animals consume.

I no longer have the flour or sugar in my home, so photo is from 2011.

For me, the most important thing was to rid my food plan of sugar. Sugar is like no other drug. It is in its own world. The simple truth is that the fat on your body comes from the sugar you are eating, not from the fat you eat. The same is also true about cholesterol. High cholesterol is not from eating too much bacon or high fats in your diet, but due to large amounts of refined grains, sugar and starches. Every now and then I do cheat, and eat a high carb meal or a sweet. I feel it the next day due to my body not having that kind of food all the time. I think it is in shock, saying to me, "what are you doing? Stop poisoning me with this stuff!" If you do that though, the most important thing you can do is to continue on the rest of the day with your Ketogenic food. Do not say that since you blew it at that one meal, you may as well pig out and eat all your favorites for the rest of the day (or week-end! How many times have you said I will get back on it on Monday?).

Instant Pot in corner waiting to be used!

My plan or goal when I moved here was not to consume any of those bad foods, Especially sugar! So I have done really good so far. I have been busy still bringing stuff from my house so have not had any leisure time to experiment with making new Ketogenic recipes. I have plans to teach myself how to use my Instant Pot to cook my meals as much as possible. So that is still to come. I have a new toaster oven that I use in place of the regular oven, because I do not want to heat my studio up when I am cooking. Why use all that electric to cook a small pan of something just for me? I have only used the big oven once since I moved in here!

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