Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Pets Rule Our House!

I told you the other day that my stepson had brought his dog to my house, and we found he was infested with fleas. We had him come pick the dog up, because we did not want our animals to get fleas. He was not happy with us, and said his dog did not have fleas and there wasn't a flea in his house. Come on! His cousin who lives with him has a little puppy, and they are very susceptible to fleas and worms. Also he did say, when he brought his dog to our house in the beginning, that he had just been treated for fleas.

So I guess my question of if a cat could get fleas from a dog is yes. Because one of my four cats, Patches has fleas now. She has long hair and also is a very sensitive cat. She will only eat one brand of dry cat food (Purina) and that is all. No canned food and definitely no people food! Patches is my biggest cat, but she is the most shy. Most people that come regularly to our home, have never seen her. Most of the time she hides upstairs. If a car pulls in, she growls and runs upstairs. If she is outside when they arrive, she stays hidden in the woods until they leave. My best friend has never seen her and she has been here many times.

If our dog, Nikita barks at anything, Patches growls and goes upstairs. Luckily, Nikita is not a barker. She likes the element of surprise. A big black dog, she would walk up to anyone during the night and they wouldn't know she was there until it was too late. So if she does bark, all our other animals go on alert. The horses come running up to the front fence, and one of our mares thinks she is a stallion, so she intimidates also. We are well protected.

My problem with the fleas is that I will not use the chemical repellents. I am very much against chemical use in animals and the home. I am trying to rid my home of chemicals, aluminum and plastic. But that is easier said than done.
Talk to you tomorrow. Have a great day!

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