Wednesday, July 06, 2005

"Know It Alls" Get On My Nerves!

Have you ever noticed how everyone is a expert these days? What ever you are doing, somebody knows more about doing it than you do. Even if it is something that they have never done before. Something that gets to my husband is how people who have never done whatever it is before, will tell him how to do it. And many times, he has done this before and is very good at doing it.

One of his friends stopped by when he was putting insulation in our kitchen walls. We had dry wall standing close by, stacked by another wall. His friend started telling him how you have to spackle it. Goodness! He didn't even have the insulation in, or the dry wall nailed on yet! We did have a brand new container of spackle that we bought for that purpose. The funny thing about this incident is, that this guy has never even done this kind of work himself. And my husband has done houses before, and I even had done spackling myself. But our friend didn't know what we knew, and we certainly didn't ask for his advice. So why did he offer to instruct us? Who knows?

We both listen to people do this all the time. People just like to tell you things even if they are wrong. Sometimes I will argue. I sometimes wonder if it is a test and they are waiting to see if I catch it or not. Other times I am just trying to be polite to someone and not prove they are wrong or stupid. Sometimes it is something that I would think is common sense or common knowledge. Many times, it is our own family members who tell us things that we already know or planned on doing, but haven't gotton to it yet.

I love to go to some forums. But I have found that you have to be careful what you talk about. Don't discuss horses or what to feed dogs. Those are two subjects that have so many "know-it-alls" that I would rather not join in those discussions. So many people, on forums and even in every day life think they know everything about horses. I admit it, I don't know everything and I don't claim to.

But my husband can ride most any horse, even the ones other people are afraid to ride. And he does not use any force. Horses just love him. And most other animals do too. All those so called horse experts can give you all kinds of advice and try to sound like they know everything and still not know a thing. I have a friend who pays a trainer to help her break her horse. My friend does not know alot about horses, and is even a green rider. But her trainer, made her get on the horse for the first time. Must be the trainer was afraid to. But don't you think she would have been the one to get on the horse first?

Once before, the same friend, had a driving horse and was paying another trainer to train the horse to drive and to teach her to drive the horse as well. They were out on a track with the horse and the horse took off, what do you think her trainer did? What all good trainers would do, I guess. She jumped out, leaving my friend in the cart with the horse racing around a race track!

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