Friday, May 27, 2011

I Am Already Thinking About Winter! Are You?

 Path from the forest.

Spring, summer and fall are the three seasons of the year that we do our hardest work. We need to make our winters easier around here. Winter this year was very stressful for us. Not that it hasn't been before. It is always stressful for my husband and that makes it the same for me. So I am working from a list this year to get many things done that will make our winter much easier.

Outdoor fireplace area and raised beds 

One area that I am working on which I always do anyway, is our food supply. Growing food. Buying food in bulk. Buying locally what I can not grow here for whatever reason. Stocking up the pantry with not only food to eat, but our supplies. Supplies for every day living. Not having to run to a store in winter is one of the ways to make our winter easier.

Outside at last! 

My husband is working on getting our wind turbine set up so that will give us more power in the winter. NY does not have much sun to speak of during the winter months. This project also includes the finishing of our battery room and bringing the water into the house. It will be cold water for now, but just having it inside will make a big difference to me. The hot water heater will only be working when the charge coming in is more than we need. Meaning the batteries are at full charge, and instead of dumping it, the charge controller will divert it to the hot water heater.

 Pump and solar shower!

Having the water coming into the house means that my washing machine will be able to be used. I will not have to wash laundry by hand any longer. That will be a real convenience for me and I look forward to that. I will still hang the laundry, but during the winter I use a wooden drying rack, and dry it in my bath tub. When it is not dripping anymore, I move the clothes to the upstairs line. Dries great that way. I am happy with it.

Snowfall 2011

One thing that my husband has had trouble with is shoveling the driveways and paths during the winter. He shovels it immediately so it is done for the day. But it is a lot of work! I am not sure what we can do about that. Unless we got a plow for our truck. That may be a thought. I plan on buying the Wovel in August when it becomes available. It is a shovel that looks strange but makes shoveling easier.

I will be posting on these topics as I work on them. What summer projects do you have planned? Do you do anything now to prepare for winter? Or doesn't winter affect you that much? I know when I lived in the suburbs it wasn't such a big deal. But things are changing and everyone needs to prepare no matter where you live.......on a homestead in the Cariboo Valley..........or in a penthouse on Fifth Avenue! Everyone!

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