Friday, July 15, 2011

Changes Take Time On Your Homestead

 Our road in June in front of the paddock.

When we first moved here to Peaceful Forest, as I have told many times on here before, the forest came right up to our house. No yard to speak of. Well, maybe out front. But absolutely no backyard. I planted my first garden in the front yard. My husband cleared the land, more and more each year. The area where the paddock is now was the first major clearing.

 In front of the paddock after the tornado May 2000.

The year we had the tornado hit us, 2000, actually was a blessing in disguise. We hadn't even been here a year yet. It took down over 300 trees on our very small piece of property. So we had a major part of the clearing done. Just had to be cut up for firewood.

 In front of the paddock July 2001.

So we basically had no trees left along the front of the paddock. The horses really had lost most of their shade except for the big maple tree that still stands.

 The same area this year!

In the recent years though, we started noticing these little trees that were coming up. Last year, I really noticed that they were taking shape and looked good. This year though, they really took off.

 Oak tree in same area.

Oak is one of the trees we can see making a come back through out our forest and surrounding area. We have a lot of oak and elm. Before that we had more than enough cherry, poplar and spruce. It changes over a period of time.

 Apple, Maple, Elm, Cherry, Hawthorn and Oak Trees

Things change after time in and around the forest. One day you notice a tiny tree and then not too many years later, you see it is shaping up and becoming a landmark. These little apple trees along the fence line here, have apples this year for the first time.  Nice considering we did not plant them!

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All Photographs Copyright © 2011 Kathleen G. Lupole
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