Saturday, July 30, 2011

Hay For Our Horses

 Hayfield In July

Around here all the farmers have been busy haying. They get the hay cut and then let it dry on the field and hopefully it doesn't rain on it. Then they bale it with the baler. And pick it up and put it on the hay wagon to take to their barns. There is a farm near us that uses horses for much of their farm work. But this year, I see he is putting up the round bales and he doesn't use horses for them.

Top Of The World Farm Residents

From the top of this hill where this farm is you can see for miles. I love the view up there. It seems so peaceful and quiet. Especially if he is working with the horses. They you just hear the cling of the harness as they work. I call it the "Top Of The World Farm." It is my name for it. I don't know the farmer except to wave to. We drive by it on our way to the little store.

Round Bales Are Heavy!

All summer the farmers are working. Not taking vacations. Not spending the day at the pool or a park. Haying is hard work. The farmers around here say that they have switched to round bales mostly because they cannot get any young people to work for them. The work is too hard. They'd rather work at a fast food place for more money and in air conditioning all summer. I guess I can't blame them.

Square Bales Are Easier To Handle!

For us, we have to buy hay for our horses. Twice a month. Our truck will only hold enough for half the amount we need. So my husband drives to pick it up. Round bales are not something we can handle since we have no equipment to lift it off the truck. The small square bales are what we buy. Then he puts them upstairs in our barn. Not an easy job for him with his physical ailments, but he manages. The horses come running when they see that load of hay on the truck! A feeling of security for them.

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