Sunday, July 03, 2011

A Look At The Garden

 Hard to get a pic without the sun shining!

Today, I finally got my seedlings transplanted in the garden. So hopefully, we will have more cucumber plants and summer squash too. I didn't realize that several of my cucumber plants were coming in, but by then, it was too late. I had already started all those new seedlings. Oh well, cucumbers are a wonderful snack! We will eat a lot of them if we have them.They are one of my favorite vegetables.


Even though I had decided not to plant tomatoes due to the Late Blight. I still have several of the volunteers from the heirloom tomato plant I planted years ago coming up. It comes up every year, usually at a completely different location. This year though, it is the same place as last year. I was happy to see the first one come up and now I have a few more. You never know with that one how many you will get.

 Green Hubbard Squash traveling!

The Green Hubbard squash I planted have really taken off. The cooler temps agree with them and I have them in area of the garden where when the sun is really hot, they are sort of shaded.  I am hoping to get a good crop of them for our harvest. Usually I can my winter squash and these are supposed to be really big. I don't know as it is my first time growing them.

 Our raised wood beds

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