Friday, July 08, 2011

My Homebased Business

 Truck Trail, the road to my house!

I have been working on my Bonanza booths this past week. Updating the listings I have there with new templates and making changes on my return policy, shipping policy and other information. I sold a few things recently on eBay and that was a big help to me as I needed some cash.

I never tire of living in the forest! 

The difference I see from Bonanza and eBay is that on Bonanza, I feel like I am in charge of my own store. On eBay I feel like I am walking on eggshells, and they are in charge of my auctions. I had an eBay store at one time and I liked it fine, but once my sales dried up, I could never get them back again. So I sell a few things there every now and then. It makes me appreciate my own websites so much more!

 Morning sunlight streaming in!

Bonanza though, is a nice change from the other places. I am going to try to buy things I need from other Bonanza sellers. If everyone did that, we would be generating sales for each other. I have had sales from other sellers, but most of my sales have come from Google searches.

 The end of the forest in sight.....

My other booth on Bonanza is where I sell our guitar strings. I will be updating there also. It doesn't hurt to try to get sales on many different sites.  Combined with my guitar strings sales on String Baby and Larry Gene Music, we should do well with them. Lupe Shop is my new site and is up and working. But I am working on the products and trying to specialize it more. It is nice to work from home on the computer, but it is still work. I work more hours than I would if I had a job. I don't mind though, in fact, I love it!

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