Thursday, January 12, 2012

Interior Design Is Very Important!

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Do you think you have to have a big expensive house before you can even think about the interior design of your home? No, you do not. The design of your home is very important. Even if it is not finished the way you plan. Your home needs to be your sanctuary from the world. It needs to soothe your core being! 

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Have you ever spent a busy day or week-end somewhere else and walk into your house and say, "Thank goodness, I am home. " That feeling is what you are supposed to feel in your home. Unorganized, cluttered, messy...........even if not dirty, are all feelings that will interfere with those feelings of peacefulness when you come into your home. It also holds back success from other areas of your life when you live in an unorganized house. Interior design with your family and lifestyle in mind is easy to achieve with a little knowledge.

Design your home so that it is easy to find what you are looking for. Seating is welcoming, easy to get to. Place lighting so it is in appropriate places when you need it. Don't have objects on the floor in the way. I try to keep my own home so that I can walk into it in the dark, and find exactly what I am looking for. If your power ever goes out, that is important. 

Safety as well as eye appeal are two things to study as you design the interior of your home. In my mind, the inside is even more important than the outside. Some people only care about the outside because that is what everyone else sees. The inside though, affects you and your family. If it is chaos then you will be in that frame of mind as well. Your children will learn from you and take that with them when they go out on their own. It is what they will teach their children. So goes that circle of life. 

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