Friday, January 27, 2012

Home Processing Your Food, Your Way

Empty jars build up if you don't do more canning!

Canning jars are building up. I mean empty jars, not full ones. I know this is a sign that I am behind on refilling them. As you use your canned foods, keep a box or cupboard for the empty jars. Make sure you have a separate area for each type of jar. Then when you are in hurry to can, you know where the jars are that you need.

Canning Equipment

It is a like a circle, can the food, eat the food, then refill the empty jars by canning more foods. Instead of filling your pantry or cupboard with store bought canned foods, they are your home canned foods. Make your own dry mixes of food you normally buy in the store. Such as pudding mixes, baking mixes, cake mixes, cream soup mix and hot coco mix. They are easy to mix up and store in your pantry until you need them. Cheaper and you can adjust them to fit your taste. Not some manufacturer.

Can your own pumpkin for pie!

For example, a can of blueberry pie filling at Walmart, their brand, which is the cheapest, is over $3.00 and does not fill the pie crust. Now if you either grow your own blueberries or go to a pick your own place and make your own blueberry pie filling when they are in season, you will have plenty of really tasty pie filling. You may also buy fresh or frozen berries in the stores or at farmer's markets, but that will cost more. At least they will taste better though! Same with apple or pumpkin pie filling or any kind you like.

Lynn at Viggies Veggies is my friend on Facebook, and she has been canning up a storm this year. Be sure to check out her blog, and see why I think she is a shining example for a homesteading woman. Not only is she single, but she is an "urban homesteader". This shows what can be done once you make the move to get serious. Proves my notion that you can do it anywhere!

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Paula said...

The idea of keeping some space for the empty jars is so good. Solves a problem here! Thanks for your friends blog link, guess I will join her as single and urban homesteader!

Anonymous said...

Awww thanks for the link and warm fuzzies :)

Linda said...

I keep the original boxes in which hold the empty jars. Canning is a continual process. Good thoughts.