Monday, January 09, 2012

Planning The 2012 Garden List

Raised Beds in Winter 2011

As the old saying goes, "The days get longer, the cold gets stronger." It is very true. My husband walks around saying that to himself much of the time. We look forward to longer days, but not to the bitter cold of winter. So during this time of the year, what do I do? I ponder what seeds to start in March for my garden! Yes, it is that time of the year when the seed companies are busy sending me catalogs. I love to study them over and over.

These raised beds can grow an awful lot of food!

This year, I have promised myself to not waste an inch of space in my raised beds. That means planting only the vegetables we absolutely love and will eat. Some of our old favorites we will be increasing.


Cucumbers - I did really well last year with the Blonde Boothby. Will be planting that as well as the Lemon Cucumber. We really loved these and they were plentiful. Walking out to the garden and picking one to eat as a snack is something we all do. They are always there and there is no shortage.
Green Beans

Green Beans is a food that our whole family loves. My son would open a jar for supper every night if I didn't argue. So we need many jars of them. I never seem to plant as many as I need. Or we just eat more if they are available. I usually plant the bush type bean.

Yellow Squash

Summer Squash is a vegetable that we normally eat fresh all summer. If I can get it started inside and out in the ground pretty quick, we will have plenty and soon. I also can it and it has turned out to be a much better product than when I tried it before. The secret is to can it in cubes. Very good all winter!


Zucchini is a vegetable I always have in my garden. I can make so many dishes with it as well as pickles, relish, in salad, with dips, fried and in casseroles. What isn't there to love about this veggie?

Butternut Squash

Butternut and Acorn Squash is another vegetable that can be used for many dishes. I like to make a pie with it using a pumpkin pie recipe. Nobody ever knows the difference.

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Paula said...

Oh how much I would love to go over these catalogs with you. I love butternuts, no green beans for me though...I am so looking forward to Spring!

Ada said...

I'm so looking forward to summer and the gardening it brings. Seems like we've been overrun with gardening catalogs lately: that's enough to make my heart sing!