Monday, January 02, 2012

Learn How On Pinterest

I have a confession to make...........I am addicted, badly! Yes, I always said I never get addicted to anything, but it has happened to me. My addiction is to a web site called Pinterest. Have you heard of it? If you have been there, then you know how addicting it can be. I go there to relax and have fun. Yes, it is possible to do that online.

Follow Me on Pinterest

It is a networking site with pictures.......lots of pictures! Awesome pictures about any subject you are interested in. You set up boards with names of the topics you like, and then you pin (click it and add it to whatever board you choose) photos to it. Other members will repin or like your pictures, they may make a comment on it or reply to you about the picture. If a member has boards you like, you can follow that board. It is free and fun to use. You can also share the pins on Facebook or Twitter.

At first, I didn't quite understand the whole concept of this site. Now, I have spent most of the holidays playing on it.......WOW! This site is powerful! Now I finally get it. I have developed my boards with topics that generate my own interests. Some of the boards I have set up will help me writing this blog this year and also to put together a new homesteading book I am working on.

The way to develop your boards on Pinterest so they are of use to you on your blogs is to search for the kind of items you want to write about. This is my entire Pinterest Board.

You can see all my topics:

  • I've Been - Places I have traveled to or lived.
  • Horses - I love these magnificent creatures!
  • Flowers - Flowers of all colors and varieties.
  • Black Dogs - I am partial to the black dog!
  • Cats - My whole life, I have been a "cat person" and always will be.
  • Things I Found - Items I find that look interesting.
  • Past Memories - Past memories of cars, people, items, music, whatever.
  • Feelings - Love, Hate, Friendships, Sadness, etc.
  • Favorite Places & Spaces - Beautiful spots and rooms to make them stand out.
  • Homestead Home - My vision of my homestead home or other homesteads.
  • Critters And Nature - Animals and nature.
  • Food - Good food that I'd like to make.
  • Homestead Gardens - The garden on the homestead is the most important part!
  • Places Afar - Places that I have not been, but look inviting.
  • My Style Pinboard - Personal style of what I like, make-up, clothing, hair, my style.
  • Products I Love - Products I find that I'd like to have.
  • I Could Have Said That - Saying that I thought or could have said.
  • People - Famous and some not so famous.
  • DIY - Crafts, Repairs, Projects of all kinds.
  • Tiny Critters - Teeny tiny critters, from bugs, to baby critters, to cells.
  • Gifts - Beautiful items that could be a gift for the people in my life.
  • Photography - I love photography and this is all things to do with that hobby.
  • Purple - My favorite color.........need I say more? Take a peek and feast your eyes!
  • Our Future Home Office - Ideas for turning our living room into a home office with style.
  • Holidays - Ideas for all holidays.
  • Christian - All thing Christian related.
  • Modern Homesteading - Homesteading in the new century, high tech and old!
  • Preps - Preparation is one of the things I stress, see for yourself!
  • New York State - I LOVE my home state of NY.......this is why!
  • Sweets - Sugar is so bad for you! But sometimes, I need a little taste of these goodies!
  • Low Carb Food - The wonderful food that will save our lives and help us live long lives!
  • Storage And Organization - Organize and Prosper! 

These are not set in stone. I add more daily, delete some and sometimes the site it is on disappears and so does the photo. I also rearrange them as sometimes I add them to the wrong board or add more than one of the same photo. It is fun and you can find new ways of doing things or making things. Lots of good recipes! If you go there, please follow me and leave me a message and I will follow you back. 

I am not an affiliate of Pinterest, though I wish I was! I am just a very happy pinner! Honestly!

Copyright © 2011 Kathleen G. Lupole
All Photographs Copyright © 2011  Kathleen G. Lupole

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