Thursday, January 19, 2012

Learning New Ideas

Our off-the-grid homestead in summer

I have been reading a new book, Surviving Off Off-Grid, that I should have read long ago, like last year when it was first published. But I did not, even though I reminded myself several times to buy it. One of my friends had told me about it last year and I guess I had forgotten about it. Well one day this week it was on Amazon's Kindle store for free and I grabbed it. Am I glad I did!

I am not even done with it and I had to share it here. Michael Bunker got some flack in the review department due to the religious tones of his book, but if you read it with an open mind you can pick up a lot of good information. The trouble is if you put anything religious in a book, someone is going to put it down. So I don't pay any attention to those reviews.

Our garden

What I found interesting in his book are some things I plan on concentrating on this year on our homestead. One is learning to use other methods of food preservation. Up until now, I have used mainly canning or the root cellar. Now I am going to learn about using salting and  lacto-fermentation methods of preserving foods. He also gave me other great ideas I intend to use in the garden this year too. I will write more about it once I figure it all out and how it applies to us.

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