Tuesday, January 24, 2012

No Sun Means Less Power

Gray days don't charge solar panels!

Days without sun are limiting our power since our wind turbine is not completed yet. Had to wait till spring to finish it. I guess if you just buy a turbine or pole to put it on you can get it finished faster. My husband though is building a special pole that he has finished, but there is more to it then just setting the turbine on the top. It bends over so he can work on it in case there is a problem with the turbine. Of course, depending on how big your system, you may be able to get through the time with low sun. Our system is very small.

Solar Panels in summer charge really good!

I am not complaining as usually January is much worse than this. It appears though that we are having our January thaw. Our wood stoves are banked back and I am not wearing long sleeves. Not bad for January. It worries me though, what is in store for February? That is usually our worse month by far.

Callie Cat spends the winter sleeping!

Since I am off my computer most of the day for now, I will be writing a quick post today. This morning I had a sale on eBay so I had to package that up and check my other auctions. Now I will get off after I take my photos out of my camera and put on the computer. I will spend most of my day working around the house. Organizing and cleaning mostly.

Missing the sunshine!

Hope everyone has a great day, and if you have sunshine........enjoy it!

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