Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Planning 2012 Garden Part Two

Backyard Raised Beds!

Since I was writing about our plans for this year's garden, I found I could not do it all in one post. So to continue from where I left off, I had to write more. You see our garden is one very important part of our homestead. In fact, if we moved to a piece of land to build a house, the very first thing we would do is to put our garden in or prepare our garden area for the future garden. I always say "water, food, a roof over our heads and heat in that order."

Pumpkins In 2010!

Pumpkins is something we love and eat all year, if I have enough to can. My pumpkin plants didn't start last year. I make a lot of pumpkin pies or pumpkin bread as those are my husband's favorites. I really need to increase the amount of pumpkins that come up. So far, I only get one or two on each plant.

Hot Peppers!

Hot peppers are another of our favorites here. This year though I am looking to reproduce the ones I like for the store, so will be buying new seeds for those. They seem to produce a lot on each plant and I like that.

Green Bell Peppers!

Green bell peppers is one of my favorites also. These are really good. But some years I have grown them and had beautiful plants, but no peppers. I don't know why that happens, but I will be increasing the number of plants I grow of these also.

Our First Time Broccoli Plants Grew Good Last Year!

Last year we tested an area to see if I could get broccoli to come up. I read where someone said anyone could grow it. So I thought I'd try. Broccoli without doubt, is a favorite here too. Never could grow enough to preserve some. I'd like to try dehydrating some though.

Cherry Tomato Plants Growing Wild!

Our cherry tomatoes have been coming up on their own in our back raised bed. Don't have to plant them, they just come up. So I will leave them be. They do not get the Late Blight, so for some reason it doesn't affect them. This is an heirloom plant that I planted when I first moved here.

Potato Plants

Potatoes is a plant that I can grow! If I have room for it, it will come up with no problem. One year, I had almost all our beds full of them. My parents have always grown their own and stored them in their root cellar. So I know the value of the potato. I'd like to try growing them in straw. Potatoes is a food that you can eat in so many ways. It is worth growing and can be grown in little spaces too.

Kale grew good too!

Kale is a plant I like. It even grew under the snow and we ate it as a salad green in the winter. Liked that about it. I still have some that I canned. It is a good addition to soups and casseroles. It is very healthy so you should at least try it.

One of our lettuce and salad greens bed!

Lettuce grows good for us. I pick it daily for our salad and the next day it has grown back. I plan on adding two more beds of lettuce this year. We eat tons of salads all year. It is something I have always done.

Pale Gray Hopi Squash
Pale Gray Hopi Squash is a winter squash I almost forgot to put on this list! I will be growing it and hopefully will get more this time. We liked it and it can be stored fresh or canned. This is an heirloom plant. I was so fortunate enough to have a Homesteading Today member send me some free seeds! I have treasured them ever since.
The Jurassic Bed.......giant plants grow here!

This list is still not complete. I will be adding the foods I did not grow and show you what my final list will be before I order any seeds I do not have. I will also do a list of the fruits too. Need to add more of them as we do not grow enough. If it wasn't for the wild ones, we'd be fruitless! What are your gardening plans for this year? Please share!

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