Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Secluded But Not Far From Town

Our neighbor's herd

When we moved to our homestead in 1999, there was that big scare coming up about the year 2000 screwing up life as we know it. It was due to that year changing from the 1900 to 2000, and all the programs that could not be fixed to accommodate that change. As we all know, it was fixed and went without a glitch. People were stocking up and preparing like crazy.

Protected by a donkey in the middle of the forest!

Since we had just moved here, we were not prepared much at all. At that time, it felt like we were really secluded. In fact, even now, when visitors come out here to see us, they will remark on how far out we live. But we really are not far at all. Or secluded enough. To others though, I guess it must seem like it is. We don't really need to stock up huge amounts due to danger of being snowed in for the winter.

Civilization is not far!

Our house is only six miles from the town of Oxford, ten from Greene, and 12 from Walmart, which is just one mile from the city of Norwich. The small towns of McDonough and Smithville Flats are five and nine miles respectively. Our highway department plows our road early in the morning and keeps it clean most of the time. So we are rarely snowed in. Of course, my husband can drive through anything! So I am not worried about that.

Tyner Hill scares me in the snow! Lucky, Hubby was driving!

So this morning we did some errands and now I have supper cooking, and just took two pies out of the oven. I figure these guys, my husband and son, deserve some treats now and then! Apple Caramel and Blueberry Pies! Smell so good!I am glad we are not having a really bad snow storm yet. It can happen at any time though. Have a good homesteading day all!

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