Thursday, May 30, 2013

Planting Our Garden In Spite Of The Weather

Wood Raised Beds Planted

My husband and I have been working on our garden as much as possible for this whole month. We thought our weather was going to let us get our garden in before Memorial Day, and was excited about that. Well, it did let us get it in a day or so before. But we had nights of frost warnings, tornado warnings, high winds, heavy rain and days so damp, cold with no sunshine. EEK! Not good for planting my precious little transplants and new seeds!

Salad Greens Already Coming Up!

Luckily, salad greens and lettuces like cold weather. I did cover them up the nights of the frost warnings. For the most part, I didn't worry about them. They are all coming up really good. I can't wait, because we eat salad every day if possible. Buying it from the store in the winter is not my favorite thing to do. This year, for sure, I am going to get some salad greens going in the fall, for winter time salads. I say that every year, but this year I am doing it for sure!

Backyard Beds Mostly Of Rock

For the time being, we have all but two beds planted. We will fill them up with more compost in the next few days and get them planted too. I have also planted many containers. My tomatoes will stay on the deck this year, away from the rest of the garden in their own containers. Hopefully, that will keep them from getting the dreaded Late Blight. I have really missed canning my own tomatoes for these last two years. This year I am determined to overcome that problem. Tomatoes in the grocery stores have absolutely no taste. Compare one of them to your own home grown tomatoes and see what you think!
No Fumes! Uses Human Power!

In these times of everything costing so much money, planting a garden is truly a necessity. Growing your own food is so important. Most people cut their budgets to accommodate other expenses, and you know where they cut it? If you guessed, their grocery were right! When food in the grocery stores is questionable, it is time to get your hands dirty. If you are not growing your own are way behind! You are not putting your health and your family's health above everything else. Start today! Once you get started, I am sure you will love it. So will your family!

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