Friday, May 24, 2013

Raised Rock Beds In My Garden

Apple Blossoms On Our Little Tree

Spring time means a lot of work to many home gardeners. It is work that most of us enjoy. There is something about digging in the dirt to plant a seed or a plant that will be food on your table. The marvel of that little seed, which gives you more than one piece of fruit or vegetable. Each seed is precious to me. I don't plant a whole row of something, just to thin it out later. Each seed I plant, I am hoping will give me a plant that is healthy and plentiful.

Jurassic Bed looks horrible!

This year I took a look at our raised bed that we call, The Jurassic Bed. It is named that, due to the fact, that everything that grows in it is a Jurassic size. Anyway, it has been here more than a few years and looked like it needed some updating. It is made with rocks we harvested on our property and old cinder blocks I got from a friend. It looked so ugly, I felt bad for it. It produces a ton of food for us. Plus, I love making things out of the various items we have right here on our land. Instead of purchasing rock or new planters. Besides no one else has one exactly like mine! LOL

Added More Rock, Compost & New Plants!

I mentioned to my husband that I thought I'd try to bring more compost to it after I add another layer of new rock. I moved the cinder blocks to the end and took a look at our rock pile. I was not up to moving such heavy rocks but figured I could do them a little at a time over the week. Next thing I knew, he had the wheelbarrow at the rock pile and was selecting rocks to add to the bed. It didn't take him long to put them on. After that he hauled five wheel barrow loads or more to fill it up to the top.

Cinder Blocks Are Individual Planters

I added the compost to the cinder blocks. They make a nice little planter for five special plants. I have planted green peppers in each one. Hoping they make it with the cold temperatures we are now having. I knew I jumped the gun by planting my garden this week. New York is a little "iffy" around this time of the year. The general rule is "ON or AFTER Memorial Day!"

All Done!

Did you already plant your garden? If so, I hope you have great weather to keep your garden producing for your family. This is the most important thing anyone can do this year. Grow a garden and feed your family!

Copyright © 2013 Kathleen G. Lupole
All Photographs Copyright © 2013  Kathleen G. Lupole


Art and Sand said...

I have a little area in our front yard that I created a planter with rocks. I need to spruce it up a little this weekend, but I love my stone planter.

I would love to have raised beds and grow some veggies, but I am not sure where we could put them. Living on a small lot has it downsides.

Kathleen Lupole said...

The nice thing about raised beds is that you can fit them into the tiniest places. Our property is barely an acre, which is small compared to most homesteads. I want to fill it with plants! Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting!!!

kare said...

i love your rock work!

We are realizing we shoulda planted earlier here in the desert.

Our squash are huge but are getting too hot already. And our tomatos are doing all they can while i do the dance of covering in the afternoon.

All our plants are containered so far but we've vowed to go to raised beds as soon as the Oleaners are taken out and shade cloth installed.
Thanks for the inspiration!

Kathleen Lupole said...

You are very welcome! I bet you have some challenges gardening in the desert. Thank you, for visiting my blog!