Thursday, May 09, 2013

La Crosse Weather Center

Weather Center is on the barn, to the left of the door.

The La Crosse Weather Center is part of our alternative energy system. As my husband is installing our wind turbine, FINALLY, we need a way of knowing how strong our wind is. If it is over 50 miles per hour, it will need to be turned off. Since it is a low wind turbine, those heavy type of winds that would be like what you get in a storm, could ruin the turbine or overcharge our batteries. 

It has a remote control that sits on a window sill in the kitchen. That way we can read it at any time. Keeping track of our weather is handy since we generate our power based on the weather report. Even a slight breeze, as low as one and a half mile an hour wind, will start the turbine. We have wind here often, so I can see us generating a lot of power. My husband has been saying ever since we bought the turbine, and didn't get it up yet, "Wasted power today!"

Closer View of  the weather wings.

With the mixture of solar panels and the wind turbine, our power should increase. Hoping to be able to get the water system in after that, which will make it possible to use our washing machine. I have tried to be patient, but sometimes it has been hard, as I got older and wanted things a little easier. 

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All Photographs Copyright © 2013  Kathleen G. Lupole

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