Monday, May 13, 2013

Thinking Of My Wonderful Father On His Birthday!

 Daddy on  my brother's horse, Dusty

Today would have been my father's 94th birthday. As most of my readers know, he passed away last August. Last year on his birthday, he told my brother that it would be his last. I think he was ready. Not that he was sickly or frail. He was pretty active for a man his age. I am glad he never lost that, his ability or mind. He was aware of everything and could hold a conversation as well as any twenty year old. Especially if they were discussing automobiles or motors!

 Daddy playing the organ for Mom

My father was a man of  many talents and abilities. He was very musical and as a child, I'd beg for him to play his harmonica. Later he learned to play an accordion and the organ. He played the organ for many years. When my mother was bedridden, and he cared for her at home, he entertained her many evenings with his music.She thought there was nothing he could do.

Daddy in the garden

Even though my father was well known for repairing cars and motors, the thing I remember the most is his extraordinary gardens. He planted large gardens every year. My parents would put up a lot of pickles, grape juice and jelly, and freeze a large amount of other vegetable and fruits. Even last year, he had a garden but it was not harvested. In the end, it died before I could get there to care for it. I know he knew it was his last garden, as it was the smallest one he ever planted. He knew.

Michael Dran 
May 13, 1919 - August 11, 2012

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Primroses Attic said...

What a lovely post. Such great memories of a very beloved father.He sounded like a wonderful person and so talented.
Thank you for sharing your special moments with us.