Monday, March 19, 2012

Getting Seeds Ready To Start

Raised beds today

Planning your garden should be utmost in your mind at this time of the year. Spring this year, is warmer and most of our snow has melted. A few piles are around, melting slower because they are in shaded areas. Today looks to be a gloomier day though the sun was shining quite brightly a hour an ago. My garden plans are being worked on today.

Seed starting equipment

 I brought up some of my seed starting equipment upstairs to get organized. Your equipment doesn't have to be fancy or bought especially for starting seeds. I use old containers that I have purchased small plants in. Over the years, I have collected more than a few. I also use disposable cups or whatever I find. Cut down a paper milk or orange juice container to start some in. Those plastic food containers from the grocery stores can be used to put the little pots in to catch the water. Makes them easier to move around.

Seeds in packets

I got out my seed packages and starting sorting through the ones I want to start now. Keeping various types of vegetables and herbs on hand is good so you have plenty to choose from. Add to your supply every year and try to add heirloom seeds. Then you will be able to save the seeds for the future years. As I go through the seeds, I will be putting some into glass jars for safe keeping. Nice little stash for the future!

Plowed up one raised bed since the weather was so nice!

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All Photographs Copyright © 2012  Kathleen G. Lupole


Paula said...

I can feel how itchy you are to get started! Wish I could be with you and help along.

pelenaka said...

It was so hot today I put on shorts ! All I can do not to plant peas & green beans, but we both know that it could still snow. It's not May yet, lol.

The Zany Housewife said...

I just started taking inventory of the supplies I have and those that I still need to get. I just noticed too that my old strawberry plant (in a container) never died off and is, in fact, producing strawberries (albeit little green ones at the moment)! I'm so excited to get my sproutlets started!