Tuesday, March 06, 2012

A Seasonal Road Through The Forest

Truck Trail is a seasonal road

Yesterday, my husband drove me to town. The roads around us are usually plowed. They were. One road near our house that we love to take is called Truck Trail. It is a seasonal road and not plowed or maintained during the winter. I would have never driven it in the winter. Usually the only people who drive it are the snow mobilers. Or my husband!

It runs through the state forest

Before we found our property, he used to take me on the worst roads. Back then we had a Cadillac without four wheel drive. He managed to drive it through some really tough spots. Now we have a truck with four wheel drive. Since we moved here in 1999 though, he has not done much of that type of driving. So I really wasn't expecting it. He was laughing at me as I kept hanging on. Maybe he enjoyed doing something out of the ordinary for a change.

The end of the trail......out of the forest

We went shopping and had a really nice day away from home for a few hours. It is always good to get back though and get the stuff put away. Make a meal, check the computers, and relax for the rest of the day. Luckily, my son has been staying with us. When we go somewhere, he keeps our wood stoves going. And the house is warm when we get back home.

The other way home!

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