Thursday, March 01, 2012

Working Or Playing In Snow

Shoveling the driveway

This morning was a mixture of thunder, lightning, rain and snow. I guess it gave us a little bit of everything. When I was awakened by a big crack of thunder during the night, I quickly said a prayer to protect my horses, who are out in their paddock during the night. I have learned that you are not safe from it no matter where you are, even in your house.

Georgie Girl was energized by the snow!

Horses are afraid of many sounds and circumstances if they are new to them. Our horses are used to many different things now. Things that used to scare them, do not any longer. They are not afraid of thunder and lightning, but are afraid of wind, since they survived a tornado. They love snow though! I am not sure if other horses love snow the way our girls do.

Dark Shadow & Georgie Girl

This year we did not get as much snow as usual. Maybe we will make up for that now. March 6th and 7th of last year, is when we had our blizzard. It never crosses my mind to think winter is over before mid April. We have had heavy snow in April in past years. So we stay prepared for more snow. If we do not get it that is fine with us. I can't honestly say I hate it. I love its beauty and the sheer quiet it brings to the forest. Of course, I am not the one outside shoveling it. My husband does not like it one bit. 

Plowing our road this morning

How you perceive snow, depends on what it means to you. When it snows, do you have to do extra work? Work, such as, shoveling and cleaning solar panels off? Maybe you work a job that involves snow removal? Or do you run, jump, roll, buck and play in it? That's your answer!

Copyright © 2012 Kathleen G. Lupole
All Photographs Copyright © 2012  Kathleen G. Lupole


Lori said...

Gosh, it just looks SO beautiful where you live. Glad your beautiful horses are ok.

Sandy Keith said...

Since I grew up in MN, I have fond memories of snow, all kinds. My favorite were always the big fluffy flakes, though the fine, sugar snow, was always welcome too. Of course I was a kid and then a teen and being a girl, never had to shovel or dig out. That likely taints my view of the white stuff. Lots of snow meant toboggan time and ice skating and snow angels. All the stuff kids love.

Paula said...

Oh, oh my memories of snow goes far into my childhood, where my older sister pulled my little sleigh and me laughing in delight. MY brother snow washing me - well not so delightful but still fun,. They had more strength but I was faster! Now it is nice to look at for day, go for a long long walk, wtahc the snow falkes dance and thats it. What I love best about winder and snow is the promise of Spring it holds, of being part of the eternal circle of life/ Love to you, Paula

katlupe said...

Thank you for all your awesome comments!

I too, do not have to shovel and that makes a big difference in how you feel about snow. It is beautiful to look at, but makes a lot of work to live in it every day.