Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Glitter Graphics

Glitter Graphics

My parents, Hazel & Michael Dran, 1942

Today is a day for love. A day when couples share a box of heart shaped chocolates, a special dinner or a night out. I remember my mother telling me how years ago when my father was away in the service, the post man brought a box of heart shaped candy to her from him. Her sisters were envious! She was excited. It was a custom my father did every year for the sixty years they were married. He even gave little boxes of Valentine candy to my brother and me so we wouldn't feel left out.

In 1970 I got my life long Valentine in the form of my son, 
Michael Jeffrey. Yes, he was born on Valentine's Day! 


And of course, 
I got my own special Valentine, the day I married my husband, Larry Lupole!

Happy Valentine's Day to all my special are ALL special to me!

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Scott or Pam said...

Nice pics. Happy valentines day.