Friday, February 01, 2013

Winter Has Another Month And A Half To Go!

Forty-six days until Spring. This month is usually our worst month here in New York state. January was pretty bad this year, compared to last year which was a pretty easy winter. Our winter this year has had two different January thaws! Below zero temperatures usually don't affect us that much. I think it bothers you more as you get older. Both my husband and I now, have some arthritis and that is a major reason for the cold being worst. At least that is what I think.

The funny thing about animals though, is that except for the cats, our other animals love the cold weather and hate summer. Nikita, our dog, as some of my readers know, had some health issues this year. This year she turned fifteen years old and is lame, but able to get around. I think she also has Cushings and she has had three seizures this year. But other than that, in the winter she acts like a puppy! She can't run, but when she is feeling good she hops around like she is happy. Even in below zero temperatures, she would go outside and lay in the snow! She loved it!

Our horses too, are all older now and have slowed down quite a bit. But they are playful in the winter. They are outside in the daytime often. In the summer, they don't come out of the barn until evening. I love looking out and seeing them running and bucking like fillies! Maybe they do that to keep warm up. If the sun is out, they will nap in the sunlight. I guess I should try that myself!

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Kajetana N said...

Looks like the horses are having fun though. Paula