Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ideas For Low Carb Food

Oven Fried Chicken Breasts

Bob's Red Mill Almond Meal/Flour is the main substitute I use for wheat flours or breadcrumbs. The almond taste is excellent and in my opinion, way better than any flour or other grains. I have tried some other brands, but always come back to Bob's. Even if it costs more, it is always very fresh tasting. You can buy it in bulk packages and freeze the other ones until you need them. I like to bread my chicken with both the almond meal and the coconut flour. Then I drizzle coconut oil on top, so it has that slightly coconut taste to the chicken. It makes it different and one of our low carb favorites.

I use zucchini often in my low carb recipes!

The key to sticking to your low carb plan is to make dishes that are REALLY good. Make snacks and have them ready and waiting for when you get the munchies. I find that is the one thing that helps me the most. For my husband and myself, it is not just about weight loss. In fact, he doesn't really need to lose any. It is the way it makes you feel. Cutting up a plate of raw vegetables served with a good dip is a very satisfying. Or you can bread the vegetable slices with Bob's Red Mill Organic Coconut Flour and almond meal and oven fry them for another tasty snack.

Planting a garden is not a hard thing to do!

I know what you are going to say, "But katlupe, that costs a lot more money than I can afford!" I used to think that too. Then I discovered that by only buying healthy food for snacks has really cut our food bill down. Do you know how much those chips, Doritos, candy and other goodies cost? What about a box of a dozen doughnuts? Shoot, and we are paying for that so called food??? What is wrong with us? Most of my readers here know that I grow a garden. So all season we are swimming in fresh vegetables. That is a big savings for us. You can do that too.

Salad is a part of every supper at our house!

You can't go wrong with meat and salad. Or you can make a stir fry or a low carb soup or stew. On my Pinterest Low Carb boards I have a huge amount of pins of low carb foods. Many are desserts and snacks. I am planning on trying new recipes weekly. I will be trying them and posting my recipes here as soon as I make them. Low CARB FOOD.......... CAN BE........ AND IS............GOOD!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

We also eat, and enjoy, our low carb diet. I will try your chicken recipe. It looks like something hubby will like. I'm following you on Pinterest, too!