Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snow Is Here Today Gone Tomorrow

We got a lot of snow the other night. Not as much as everyone said we'd get. So that was a good thing, as Martha Stewart would say. Some people said we'd get 40 inches! Not quite. More like 6 inches. That is more my style. I mean, I don't live in Montana! My cousin, Judy lives there and she loves it. But she tells of huge snowfalls and very low temperatures. Not for me, I'm afraid I am too old for that kind of weather. Though, she is older than me.........

New York state gets its share of snow. But after it is shoveled and plowed out, the house is warm and everyone has some food to eat, it doesn't seem quite so bad. Actually when it is really cold, we don't usually get the snow. If it warms up a bit, then it snows. Or rains. If it rains, the rivers in our area flood.

Paths are shoveled the first thing in the morning. That makes the chores easier to do. Then wheeling the wheelbarrow through the snow is much easier if you have a path to follow. The work is not easy. I used to be able to help with some things, but not as much as I used to do. It is hard on my husband, but for now, my son is here with us and he has been a very big help to us. I am lucky to have him!

Firewood is a constant thing if you use wood heat. Cutting the wood from the logs. Then splitting it down so it will fit into whichever stove it is for. The cook stove takes smaller sizes of wood than the big heating wood stove. That stove is a monster and takes big pieces. We fill it up and let it burn.

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