Thursday, July 26, 2018

Daily Life Encounters

As I feel so much love for myself,
it spills over into daily life, encounters with others.
People around me, people amid my errands, 
I wonder why the clerks in the store are so miserable
and sad, not friendly at all. To keep their customers coming back,
you need to be friendly and pleasant, smile at least, or a 
word of greeting, such as hello, how are you, would not hurt.
In a small city store, where customers can choose, 
to drive to the big super sized store that has all your store has,
and even more, lowest prices that you could not compete.
The only edge you have against those stores is, 
you are the local small town/city store, and getting to know
your customers would put you one above those stores.
But no, instead you, the manager, or maybe the owner, 
are poker faced and gruff. No smile. No word of greeting. 
No thank you as I pay double price for what I could have bought,
at the well known super sized store.

I feel the love and caring though, from many others,
mainly my neighbors who live in my building.
In my distant past, sharing a building did not make friends,
no, in fact, fighting among each other was more common.
So it was with much surprise that I moved into a city building,
with many neighbors on each of three floors.
To find such friendliness and laughter among us all.
To see the caring about each other and talking,
as if friends for many years, many are.
As I broke open the shell I lived in, I found 
a whole new life, a way of living with others,
and going places and doing things that are fun,
interesting and make me feel alive.

I am thankful for many things, I wake up,
looking forward to a new day, a day of doing 
things I want to do, maybe with a friend. In life we choose many roads, 
the road I am on now is one I love. I hope it will
continue to be so, but if not, I will not let it go on.
Accomplishing many things every day, that once before
I only thought or dreamed about. Cooking new recipes,
watching videos, reading new books writing nonstop, 
trying new restaurants, taking rides, going to parks and lakes
and cuddling my little bunny boy, of course, 
whether he likes it or not! 

Rabbit taking a nap!

Copyright © 2018 Kathleen G. Lupole
All Photographs Copyright © 2018 Kathleen G. Lupole

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