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Vintage Home Decor From Your Attic

Welcome to kat's Studio!

Over the years, I had gotten rid of most of my really good furniture. When I moved to Peaceful Forest, there was not room for most of my stuff. Most of the good pieces, such as the bed was taken upstairs and changes had been made in the door to the upstairs, so I don't believe you can get it out without taking the doorway above the door apart. Besides it is a very large queen size bed and I have not slept in it for many years now. It was not something I chose to take, even if I could have. kat's Studio is only about 338 square feet. I thought with it being so small, it was best to stick to my small single bed. I chose not to have a couch, which I would have had to buy or a recliner, which I thought I may need. My feet had been swelling up often and I always felt if I had a recliner, I could have put them up comfortably. I never was able to buy one and figured I would buy one here. Well after I had my air conditioner installed, my feet have not swelled up even once! Not even when riding in a car, though I am able to have air conditioning on then too. 

Daddy's bookcase empty

I figured I would take what I would need. I had two bookcases that are not really worth anything to anyone but me. My father made them to put his books in some years back. They are nothing special. Made from scrap lumber and then painted with the same cheap paint he used for the outside of his trailer and the addition, the picnic table and outside chairs. He had actually made quite a few things this way and we had brought them to our house after he passed away in 2012. I could not bring them all here. I had a need for the bookcases though. Once I got them here, I found their permanent space immediately. Like I said they are not special or even made of good wood and finished. But for my Boho Chic apartment decor, they fit perfectly. The shelves being wide enough to even put items behind the books if needed. Since I bought a file cabinet, I have not needed to do that. Everything I had put behind the books is now in the file cabinet, which was mainly office supplies.

When I left my house, I left behind a good share of my cast iron pans and skillets. I never had any place to keep them there. If you displayed them on an open shelf or hung them like many people do, they would have had dust from wood stoves, hay from animal work and flies from country living, stuck to the surface (though I have a had few flies in my apartment, but just one at a time). So I only used a couple and kept them in the oven and the rest in a huge Rubbermaid container. Hardly ever used them. So when I moved, I thought to myself, what ones do I really need? Which ones will I actually use? No sense wasting the space on ones that will never be used. I left the rest of them for my husband to use. Maybe he will and maybe he won't. He will eventually be with another woman who will look in there and think she has hit the lottery! The fact is that I did not need that many, so I took nine pieces that I could not part with. I had to find a good place to store them and decided that the bookcase is not far from the kitchen and I always wanted to have them on display, but to be able to use them too. Here I can!

I found I could also display the flag I was presented at my father's funeral. I had kept it in a dresser drawer but now I could display and it wouldn't get dusty and dirty. So I put that on top of the bookcase behind the cast iron pieces. In fact, the day the electricians were here changing my circuit breaker box to a new upgraded one, one of them was a disabled veteran himself asked about the folded flag (young too, he was injured in an explosion in Malaysia). I told him about my father. I was also able to put my own Barbie dolls on display. Actually one is Midge, not Barbie. I sold my Barbie and some others I had on eBay. I have a second fashion doll, Polly, who is one of the first dolls of that type that I got as a child for Christmas. The clothes I have for them were all made by my mother, except for their originals that they came with and I still have. Every now and then I change their clothing so they look different. 

Meaningful items from your past, your beloved family members or places you have visited become part of the Bohemian Chic decor. It is a challenge I am enjoying by incorporating those items into my apartment. Instead of stuck in a drawer or trunk somewhere, I am using it or displaying it every day. Vintage items from my past now have become every day home decor that I can look at and have my memories be a part of my every day life. Not stuck packed away to be opened after I am dead and gone and donated to the thrift store or taken to the landfill. Nope, not my treasures from my life! 

Most of my furnishings are things I already had or else I have bought secondhand. A few, like my curtains and tablecloth, I bought new on eBay. I love thrift store shopping and yard sales so I will always be adding to and changing my decor. It is fun and I love doing it!  As I put my studio together, it has  become my comfortable cozy home. I love it! 

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