Saturday, July 07, 2018

New LIfe

So I walked out the door of misery
for good it seems, I filled my life with
happy colors and bright things,
every day I look around in wonder,
smiling like I never will stop.
Hoping I won’t wake up,
if this is a dream, indeed, if so,
it is the dream of my life. Everything
I hoped and prayed for and even more.
No more tears on my pillow,
no more sobbing quietly,
instead I am laughing so hard,
and finding life is a dream.
A dream of fun and good times,
making up for my missed years.

Watching the bubbles from under the water,
tossing some crumbs to feed the fish.
Little things that seem boring to some,
are big deals to someone like me.
Having a picnic in a park with no people,
hearing the birds sing, watching them fly
back and forth as I thought I’d never see again.
Instead I hear them from my windows just like
before, thinking certain things were lost that I would miss,
are not gone after all. Just like me, they are in a different place,
but still the same. It makes me feel connected somehow,
to the world beyond. Believing I could only stay the same,
but happiness has prevailed. I am now a whole happy
woman, once again. Feeling no more sadness, no more misery,
best of all, no more tears.

I wake up every morning with a feeling that makes me shine,
a feeling that my day will be happy and fun, I will be free.
Free to do what I want and not have a chore filled day to dread,
to wish away, to wonder why me and what others are doing.
Instead, I am one of those, feeling joy in my heart, working at
my own pace, doing what I choose to do with my day.
Not having rules set down before me, to anger me through out
my day. To have food to eat, whatever I choose. To cook or not.
Nobody making me sad or cry. Just me and my rabbit enjoying our day.
I almost allowed the bad times to follow me to my new life,
but instead my head and heart overruled that influence.
I came to my senses quickly and God must have overcome
in this instance. Thankful that He did, now that I see the light,
and am focused on a new life and my new self.

Happiness is there for everyone to taste and feel,
it is there just for the taking, but not everyone does.
You can be lost forever it seems, and some never will search,
sometimes you need a friend to help you find it or talk it over.
Once my eyes were opened, I was determined to make the move,
determined to start my new life. At my age, I had to hurry, or felt
my life would just waste away. Like a leaf in the fall on the ground,
brown and stiff, blowing in the wind……….till it was no more.
Instead I feel like a young bud on a plant, just opening up,
seeing the world for the first time, though I existed long before,
I was blinded by a mask. I would see what others were doing,
but my life was empty and not like their lives at all. I felt I was watching
from behind a thick screen, but no one could hear me screaming for help.
No one could see my tears. Then one day, someone did.

New life

Copyright © 2018 Kathleen G. Lupole
All Photographs Copyright © 2018 Kathleen G. Lupole

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