Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Cool Spring This Year

Yesterday afternoon
 For me, I love spring! It is the time of everything becoming new again. To see the new plants poking their heads out of the ground. To hear the birds singing. Last night the peepers were singing to each other. My husband always says that when he hears them, then he knows spring is really here!

Snow is gone on both sides of the road!
 We have a lot of things going on here this spring. Or we would have, if the weather would warm up a bit and stop raining so much. I know I shouldn't be complaining so much about the rain. I usually like it because I know rain is good for our well, our plants and our forest around us.

The lawn is green!
My seedlings are growing and will need to go in the ground as soon as possible. But I don't believe that will be until at least the end of May, if then. So I am on hold with them. I'd like to start more plants but I have no more room. As it is, I am moving them from here to there constantly. Trying to catch what sunshine I can. Which isn't much!

The secret to a great garden is Compost!
If I get a decent day, I will try to work on some of the raised beds. My garden cart's battery is charged up and ready to go to work. I can carry compost from the compost pile to the raised beds with that. I am sure though that my husband will haul more than a few loads with the wheelbarrow. He said he wants to empty the compost pile that we will be using, so he can start a new one there. It is on a three year cycle. We have four to use now, one that is composting for next year, one that is composting for the year after that, and the new pile that we empty our manure into now.

Steel pipe and parts for the wind turbine tower!
We bought our materials to build our tower for our wind turbine. That job is taking priority over most things right now for my husband. He is going to be taking some of the pipe down to his brother's this week-end to do some welding on it. Then wait for the rain to stop, and the hole he dug for it to dry up. The tower is running more money than the actual turbine! But steel is expensive, and it has to be sturdy and weather hardy. I'll keep posting on the progress we make on that project.

Have a great homesteading day and hope you are having a warm spring! 

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