Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day 2011

Since I started living here almost twelve years ago, we have been living what is referred to as "green." It is not something I did intentionally at the time. Seems it has evolved to that status. At that time I just wanted to live off-the-grid and be a modern homesteader. But what has happened is that as time goes by, the things that have made this easy and independent is the same things that make it "green" or "living gently" on our earth.

As I wrote about in my post last year, Earth Day At Peaceful Forest, we have been composting ever since we came here. Especially since we got our horses. They generate a lot of compost that has blessed our garden beyond my expectations. Our garden is always bountiful with fresh, organic food every year.

Generating our own electricity has forced me to use things that are not what I call "energy hogs". I have lived for over three years now with no refrigeration. It has not been easy, especially in the summer. But we have done it and are still doing it. So all electric appliances I will be adding to our homestead will be as energy efficient as possible. If they are costly, then we will wait till we can afford them.

So what are my goals for changing my household over to even more earth saving tactics for the future? This is my list:

  • Rid our house of plastic dishes and containers.
  • Really, study packaging on items when you purchase them.
  • Make as much food from scratch as possible so I do not accumulate lots of plastic containers from them. (condiment bottles comes to mind!)
  • Do all my cooking in cast iron pans that never wear out or have a man made coating on the cooking surface.
  • Replace those plastic dishes with dishes made of organic materials such as bamboo and hemp.
  • Use rechargeable batteries in the mouse on our laptops and buy a solar battery charger for that purpose.
  • Buy energy efficient electric appliances to use with our alternative energy system (solar & wind) to help us cut out the use of our propane cooking range. 
  • I am ridding my house of all excess stuff. In the future I want all my music, photographs, important papers to be on an external hard drive that I can use on my computer at any time. None of that stuff.........Recycle & sell. 
  • In the future I do want to have an electric car that we can charge with our own alternative energy system. Like we do with our lawn mower and garden cart.
  • Every trip to town must be an errand run. Try to limit our trips to about two a week.

So I hope everyone will make Earth Day a day of really making changes in their lives for real. Not just one day of turning off their lights or televisions. But for real. Really giving up those things they don't really need but use just for conveniences. Remember the earth that you leave behind will be affected by what each and every one of us do while we are here. It will affect future generations. Care about and protect our's the only one we've got.

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