Sunday, April 17, 2011

Little Country Cemeteries On Back Roads

When you live out in the country you get used to seeing those little cemeteries along the back roads. Not too far from us, in several directions, I can count about a dozen of them. One is actually on a farm and you have to cross the barb wire fence into the cow pasture to get the graves. Even though it is fenced off from the cows, I have seen those girls get into it That one is a small family one, but not the family of the farm owners.

The local county prison brings prisoners who are in their work program, not dangerous, good behavior and getting out soon, to the little cemeteries to mow the grass, pick up around them and just make them look neat. This little cemetery has some very old stones in the back that the names have worn off. They have been let go. I want to stop in the summer and visit those graves. I might recognize some of the names since I have been studying the past history of my area. It was very populated in the past, but now only old remains of homes long gone.........

This particular gravestone has the name Loomis on it. Makes me wonder if it was one of the famous outlaw Loomis clan. They were known around NY for stealing horses and laundry off clotheslines! I couldn't find any relationship between this Loomis and them though.

All those graves and probably many are forgotten. Many of the relatives of those in the little graveyard have either moved away, or passed away. So nobody left to visit the graves. Does it matter? Probably not. I guess it is something my husband and I have always liked doing. Visiting little country cemeteries.

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