Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Raised Beds Make Gardening Easier!

Raised beds look bare presently!
I have been so busy lately I can hardly keep up. My seedlings grew so much I had to transplant them. Today, I am going to try to transplant them yet again! Then start some more seeds. In our climate here in upstate NY, we can keep starting seeds right up the June or even later. I can start seeds inside all summer and when the plants outside are finished producing, I can transfer these out there.

Can't wait to plant in them!
Eventually, we plan on changing these beds over to rock beds. But when we built these back in 2005, it did not cross our minds that we would eventually build any out of rock. These we did together. My husband built them and I filled them with compost, as at that time my knees were fine. When my husband rebuilds these, he is planning on making them higher. That way I don't have squat down to work in them. Last year, I started using a stool from the house to sit on when working in them.

No bending! 

These beds are what I use for lettuce and salad greens. There is no bending involved. You can use just about anything for a raised bed if you find something that might work. Just as long as it has good drainage. When I plant my salad greens, I buy a bunch of different varieties of anything that can be used in your salads. Then I mix all the seeds into one container. And plant! They are awesome and you have the greens and lettuce that you like or want to try. Include some spicy types for a variety of tastes. What a tossed salad you will have!

A bed made of rocks!
I cannot understand why everybody does not grow most of their own vegetables during gardening season. My father, at almost 92, is probably outside today working on his garden. He has always had one and still does. Every year he tells me that next year he is going to have a smaller one, or not one at all. Then I go up to see him, and he shows me what he planted. It is usually the same size. Look at the prices in the store of lettuce alone! Then bring it home and see how quickly you have to use it. If it was growing in your own garden, you could leave it out there until you use it. If you have never had a garden, go buy one packet of seeds today. Then plant one container and eat it all summer. You will love it!

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