Friday, April 15, 2011

Surrounded By State Forest

Surrounded by state forest 

Living surrounded by state forest land sounds wonderful to many. Nobody can live on it next to you, so that is one good thing about it. Of course, you never know if NY will decide to sell it for extra money, since they are always over their budget. Yet NY taxes have a reputation of their own! Or they could allow the gas companies drill for gas to make the money from the Marcellus Shale. Many residents have jumped on the band wagon to make the money without much regard for the beautiful NY land or water supply.

 Thousands of acres of state forest

It's no wonder that people like to come out to the state land to drink and party. Nobody to call and complain about the noise or the rowdy drunk drivers. They love to spin their tires and drive like complete idiots. So they must be drunk, right?
Four wheelers come almost always on Friday night. Spinning their wheels, cutting donuts and revving their motors. Did any of these people notice the price of gasoline has gone up? Or don't they care?

 The Fingerlakes Trail lean-to at Ludlow Creek

Then you have the people who like to shoot their guns at night down by the bridge or the lean-to. Now my first thought  is, "Do they know there is a house here? With people living in it? That we have horses out here too? Do they care?" If I call the police, the NY state police that is. They won't come out here until hours after I have called. The reason? My thought is that are afraid to come out here. The last time, I called, last year, someone was shooting constantly by the bridge. The sheriff drove right by our house and never stopped to talk to us. Fine, maybe he didn't want them to know we called. But he never even slowed up by the bridge either! Chicken! Next time, I guess we will handle it ourselves.

Ludlow Creek
We have hunters who come in droves for hunting season. Just before Thanksgiving. Last year we even had coyote hunters show up. The whole time we have lived here we have heard them when they run along the creek or when they call to each other. Or when the babies are howling in the spring. But they don't hurt those hunters. The hunters don't live here. The coyote has never come onto our land. Our horses scare them and other wild game from our property. Why did they have to come here to kill for no reason? I just wish they would leave them alone.

Copyright © 2011 Kathleen G. Lupole
All Photographs Copyright © 2011 Kathleen G. Lupole
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