Sunday, November 04, 2012

From Logs To The Fire, Preparing Right Now

Getting Started!

Last Saturday we had our firewood delivered. It was a load of logs and I told about it in this post, Our Firewood Supply Arrives At Peaceful Forest. It is the first year that we have paid for firewood. It will be so much easier for my husband though. Now he is all finished with cutting trees down. Especially since we want to keep the forest around us and not cut all our trees down. I love trees, and am always sad to see one fall, or be cut down. 

Making the cut!

As much as neither, my husband, nor I, like to use gasoline, we have to use it for the present time. Our chainsaw is a big one and it uses gasoline and they make a lot of fumes. I hate that he has to breathe them while he is cutting with it. Maybe someday, an electric one will be something we can power as we build our system larger. Last year he bought a crosscut saw for the unpredictable future. If gasoline prices keep climbing, he can always use that. No fumes, quiet and works well. He used it last year in the woods and he really appreciated the quiet of being out there with it.

Falling off!

We have a smaller chainsaw, that is lighter and he can use that when his arm gets hurting. He had an accident in 2002 that crushed his right elbow, and at times that is an issue for him. He ordered a part for it and we are waiting on that, so for now he will have to use the big saw. The big saw he has had since 2000, and it was a really good investment. It has cut a lot of firewood for us. He is really good at sharpening it and doing the preventative maintenance that is needed to keep it in tip top condition. That is very important as we depend on it!

Ready to be split now!

After the wood is cut, it needs to be split for whichever stove it will go in. Our cook stove takes smaller size logs and the big one, of course, takes large ones.Since we first moved here, we have burned all types of wood. Even green wood, which most people will discourage you from using. I don't recommend doing it, especially if you are new to wood stoves and firewood. My husband burned whatever we had as we did not have the time to wait for the wood to season. A tornado hit us and took down over 300 trees on our property and we needed the heat. So we used it anyway. Keeping our chimney cleaned through out the whole wood burning season is essential, no matter what kind of wood you burn.

Splitting wood!

You can use a wood splitter to split your wood. We do not. My son and my husband usually work together and get it done pretty quick. Or at least, as much as we need. This year, we had issues with my father's stroke and death that kept us away from home. So we were late in getting our projects done for winter. We knew we were going to be buying logs so didn't feel frantic about getting prepared. Life happens.

Seasoned, dry wood, ready to be stacked!

It is a good feeling to know you have the firewood waiting to be cut and split. It is the way we live since we live a life of self-sufficiency and preparing. Preparing for what lies ahead, no matter what it will be! Knowing my husband, I know the logs won't be sitting out there too long. Then we plan on buying another load. Security for a homesteader is knowing that your pantry is full and your woodpile is waiting!

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